We have invested in a state-of-the-art simulator from Virtra Systems that allows us to put first-time shooters behind a real gun that shoots a laser at animated targets.  This does two things:

1.  Introduces a new shooter to a real firearm in a safe and controlled environment that greatly reduces the fear and stress levels of starting out with live fire.

2.  Allows for familiarization of a firearm in a life-like scenario before moving to live-fire exercises on the range.

A simulator is a great tool for instructors working with those new to the shooting sports as well as honing experienced shooter skills.

The product that we have from Virtra Systems is the V-180 in the rear-projection configuration.

We have the Law Enforcement package of scenarios that is a great tool for law enforcement personnel training as well as for conceal carry license holders to get a taste of "shoot - no shoot" reality.

There are also skill building scenarios of shooting steel targets, pepper poppers, hogans alley, range, and others that is fun for all shooters.

Cost:  $100 per hour - you can have as many participants as you like, but we recommend a maximum of 4 people to allow each person to have 15 minutes of trigger time!  Fewer people per hour equals more trigger time per person!
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